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Blue-U Safe Is A Project




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    an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim

Blue-U Defense is a thought leader in establishing a foundation for, and culture of, true and real personal and organizational safety and security. Through extremely unique, practical, effective and engaging solutions, we are changing the way individuals and corporations prevent incidents of violence, and win and go home should our prevention efforts fails. At Blue-U Defense, our passion is "thinking about what real safety and security is", finding the problems with the things that are generally accepted as solutions, and then developing highly  effective, and practical ways to correct the problems. In other words - we are about solutions that truly work for real people, people who aren't "warriors", special-ops, law enforcement, or military professionals. 

So, this is a project; an ongoing effort in which we want to engage everyone to learn from the experiences of others and share their own experiences for the benefit of others. 

So, what will keep us safe?

That's what this project is all about. Let's figure out the answers together, as a team of professions that truly care. Its not only about Blue-U Defense giving you solutions (although we will play a major role in providing you with an incredible learning experience). It's about working together, as a community, to develop better understanding of the problems and challenges of true safety and security, and then developing consistent yet powerful solutions that we can present as a national model. 

Why You Should Join Our Effort

"Because true safety and security is a significant responsibility that requires knowledge and understanding and a commitment to the time and effort necessary to get there"

We cannot accomplish our goals alone. So we need to engage everyone with an interest in true safety and security to help us think, develop, and provide solutions to those who rely on us. Peer-to-Peer networks offer an opportunity to improve industries through the collaboration of the professionals that serve them. We can all help each other and work together to change the way things are done to keep us safe.  

What You Get With Your Membership

A New Way of Learning for You and Your Team

No one has the time or resources to sit in front of a computer for hours taking a boring training course. Today, everyone wants, and need, fast, engaging and effective. In fact, anything more than 3-4 minutes in length loses its effectiveness. 

Training has to be short, frequent and delivered consistently throughout the course of each year to have any real impact on those we want to receive instruction. 

Resources Galore!

The goal of Blue-U Safe? We want everything that is in our heads, in your heads! If we think of it, you will know it. And we will deliver our valuable material in every possible way that we can think of - video, articles, live broadcasts, email, chat, structured courses, or anything else we can possibly think of. 

Peer Consulting and Networking through our Chat Feature

Do you have a unique business safety related issue that you are dealing with and cant find answers too? Now, you have a team of like-minded members who can and want to help. 

Notifications of Content

When we post new material - you will be automatically informed! Read, watch, or listen to it, or don't. It's up to you. Want to review it later? That's fine too because everything will stay on the network for you to review at any time. This means that new employees will have access to everything that had been previously added as a resource. 

Your employees now have a learning tool that is engaging, effective, and delivered frequently and consistently in a non-invasive way. 

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